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We see that there is always a wedding in our neighborhood, sometimes for a marriage and sometimes for the circumcision ceremony. But if there is only one thing in common, it is joy and being together with your loved ones. Invitations are part of our tradition since ancient times. Invitation to the world is an important symbol, even in the invitations abroad, there are creations describing the organization in detail instead of a card that only invites the invitation text. In our country mostly wedding invitation or circumcision invitation It is used.

The inevitable development of technology has brought revolutionary innovations in the invitation sector as in most sectors. We are able to get detailed information about the effectiveness of our connections thanks to the social environments that almost everyone uses and communicates with each other. Especially thanks to improvements on Facebook, we can even get instant notifications. But we are still convinced that you are familiar with people who wish to be invited to weddings with invitations to weddings, or that you may be distracted as a result.

Printed invitations have gained a new dimension especially with the developments in digital printing technology, and many products that are cost-effective with offset printing techniques have come up with more affordable prices thanks to digital prints. So how will this situation take place in 2019? In this article we hope to give you information about this.

2019 moda davetiyeleri ile ilgili görsel sonucu


White Written Invitations

Prepared with classical offset techniques invitation models white prints have difficulty in requesting the invitations, and they have not been able to achieve success by leaving the writing part blank and printing the rest of the space. In this context digital printed invitation models achieves more successful results. Moreover, offset printing techniques do not allow for different pressures even though they are better quality, this means getting different printing plates for each printing.

Photo Invitations

Photo printed invitations As in 2018 2019 invitation card models it seems to be one of the most preferred models. In the light of our experiences interesting invitation patterns very popular in our country. One of the most important things that couples can personalize with photos invitation models It comes. These invitations can be obtained with offset printing, but can also be obtained by digital printing, but the manufacturers they often prefer digital printing on invitation models.

If you are looking for affordable price and photo printed wedding invitation If you want to get to you wedding invitations with black and white photo I suggest this will reduce the cost of printing and will reduce the cost of the company you work for and the fee you will pay.

Cheap Invitation Cards

The most stylish invitation models everyone’s request, but economic facts and exchange rate invitations have impressed the companies quite. Since the paper is an imported product, the price of the products has increased compared to the past but don’t worry the most sales are made every year. affordable invitation models this year will be one of the most important categories of companies. Especially in digital printed invitation models, you will find that high quantity products are available at very reasonable prices.

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