6 Points You Should Know Before Selecting A Wedding Cake

Undoubtedly, one of the details that should be given importance during the preparation of the wedding is the wedding cake. There are many points to consider when choosing a wedding cake, which has an important place for both the guests and the wedding owner. So, how big should be the wedding cake, fruit, chocolate or plain should be selected, what are the new season’s cake trends, how to decorate the cake, what changes the cake price elements, how to choose the right patisserie, you can find the answer to all the questions you wonder like.

Set Budget
Setting your budget before choosing a cake will help you stay on top of the money you’ve allocated for the cake. You can save your budget by making a selection within the budget limits you set. But before allocating the budget, you should review the guest list that will attend your wedding and decide the size of the cake. The size of the cake will help you get an idea of ​​the price. Patisserie Instead of visiting the patisserie, you can do research online and get in touch by telephone.

Size of cake

Wedding CakeWedding cake can not eat the guests, negative thoughts about the wedding will be caught in mind, you should make a cake selection accordingly. Instead of having the cake as much as the net number of people you invite to your wedding, you should make the intruders a little bigger without forgetting. You should also consider the guests who are not content with a slice and want to eat the second slice. You should also make sure that the cake is cut in proportion.

Taste of Cake
The flavor of the cake is a very important issue. If you don’t want to see your guests grimace at the wedding, you should try a sample of your cake by asking them beforehand. In addition, you should not forget to ask where the materials used for the cakes are obtained, freshness and quality.

Type of Cake

One of the most difficult issues for the bride and groom candidates is how the wedding cake will be. Since it is decided on behalf of a general community, a common taste should be chosen. If you like each of the fruit, plain or chocolate cakes, you should choose the most delicious one for your guests. You will have a fruit cake, you should make sure that the fruit to be used in the cake is seasonal fruit. You should also warn the patisserie about the freshness of the fruit. Another point to be aware of is that the cake is not made long beforehand. You should prefer a cake made at most 1 day ago. Otherwise, you may experience souring of fruit or cream. You should not forget that it is a problem as early as it is a problem. The cream of the cake, which is made 4-5 hours before the wedding, will not be dried yet and will remain fluid.

Cake Decorations
You can use cake decorations to make your cake ambitious and eye-catching. Especially if you are planning to have a country wedding, decorations with purple or pink flowers on white cream will both adapt to the place and gain the appreciation of your guests. If you are going to have your wedding indoors, you may prefer fancy decorations with golden colors. When choosing a cake, you can also select decorations privately. If you wish, you can add bride-groom or other figures from sugar paste to the top of the cake.

New Trend Wedding Cakes
In addition to the usual wedding cakes, if you want to make a difference in your wedding and take your place in your memories, you can take a look at the kinds of wedding cakes of the new season. Ice cream cakes, which are preferred especially in summer periods, are highly appreciated because they are light and refreshing. In addition to the cost as well as ice cream cakes, it is more affordable. Wedding cakes presented in the form of cupcake are also more preferred by the bride and groom as they are easier to present and eat.

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