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The interest in the living wall concept is increasing day by day. The living walls that create a natural ambiance and leave offices, houses out of the ordinary are fascinated by their images.

The living wall, or the so-called vertical garden, is the latest trend and the most elegant form of bringing garden flowers into the house. Living walls are not only decorative, but also one of the important details that carry fresh air to your living spaces. According to researchers, plants filter toxins and improve air quality. In addition to converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, plants absorb harmful bacteria and absorb formaldehyde and benzene from cigarettes, plastics, and fabrics. This allows you to breathe in fresh air. You can adapt the living wall concept to your interior architecture, to a corner of your garden, or to your terrace or balconies by using daisies or lilies. After all these benefits, let's take a look at the designs that adorn your walls with this magnificent image.

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