Mini Flower Vases

One of the important points that determine and reveal the style of your home is undoubtedly your walls! The color and pattern of the wall should be complemented by furniture and other decorative products. If you think that you have completed the interior architecture of your home, the small but complementary details remain. At this point, of course, the elegant tips that we can offer you, of course, are flowers. Combining the flowers that make every moment of our lives beautiful and cheerful with your rooms, balconies, gardens and terraces will create a beautiful energy around you. Placing tiny flower vases on the walls in an elegant way will give you a sweet touch to your life. You can easily adapt this idea to every corner of your living space. You can put them on your wall with elegant flowers such as lilies or daisies, and create a nice aura in your home. Especially considering the harmony of wood and flowers, you can create completely different designs by using wood and rope ropes creatively.

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